Bring musical inspirations to life with the blazingly fast and intuitive Notion™ 6 music composition and performance environment. Compose when and how you want and even enter music with your own handwriting. Take projects to the next level with deep integration with Studio One®. Hear and perform music with gorgeous samples by the London Symphony Orchestra and others. Deliver polished scores faster than ever before, from complete film orchestrations to simple lead sheets and guitar tab.

Whether you are an instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, arranger, music educator, or student, you’ll find Notion 6 to be the easiest-to-use and best-sounding notation software on the market today. Notion 6: Redefining music notation.

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New in Notion 6.

The new features and enhancements in Notion 6 represent the most popular requests from the Notion user community and feedback from users of other notation platforms who are looking to make the switch.

Notable improvements include: cross-platform handwriting recognition; new layout control and features for professional score output; drag to respace measures and systems; new instruments from Soundiron; new video window controls for faster scoring to picture; the new Notion Scores library, with over 100 great works; updated Music XML support for seamless transfer with other apps; MP3 export; MIDI over ReWire for improved integration with leading digital audio workstations; and unprecedented side-by-side workflow integration with Studio One Artist or Professional on the same computer or between multiple computers on the same network.

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Handwriting recognition, Powered by MyScript™

  • Write directly into score area
  • Use the optional handwriting zoom area for large scores
  • Supported items: write notes, rests, chords, articulations, measure lines, accidentals, time signatures, measure lines, ledger lines, slurs, ties, clefs, voices


  • Send and receive audio or note data with Studio One 3.3 or later
  • Share on the same computer or with any computer on the same network
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  • New Lakeside Pipe Organ from Soundiron with five stops and pedals
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  • Notion Harpsichord: a 1972 instrument, made by Robert Goble & Son, Oxford
  • Notion Score Library: a collection of over 200 public domain scores in the Notion format, including orchestral and piano works


  • View/Hide Layout Handles
  • Respace measure widths
  • Respace staves / systems
  • Hide and show empty staves
  • Angled hairpins
  • Hairpin opening angle
  • Drag hairpins vertically
  • Enter chords anywhere
  • Articulations can be dragged in any direction
  • Rests can now be dragged vertically
  • Multi-measure rest feature completely redesigned
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  • Mid-staff instrument and transposition change
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  • Change enharmonic of individual notes in a chord
  • Write hammer-on directly into tab
  • Write ghost notes (parentheses), including on grace notes, directly into tab
  • Paste lyrics from an external source
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  • Metronome now available in playback
  • Preroll record feature
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  • Export audio as .mp3
  • More FX slots: eight per channel
  • MIDI over ReWire: Route MIDI from Notion to your DAW in real time


  • Three new languages: Korean, Italian, and Simplified Chinese
  • Export PDF on Windows®
  • 轻蜂加速器使用方法
  • Touch gestures on Mac® Trackpad: Pinch to zoom and use two fingers to scroll
  • Touch gestures on Windows refined
  • New MIDI Record and MIDI Import preferences
  • Import compressed MusicXML files (.mxl)
  • Can now directly type in Hz values for global tuning in Preferences
  • New shortcut added for Transpose (Ctrl+Shift+P)



  • Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese characters now show correctly after placing in text boxes on Windows.
  • Preference added to import MIDI onto grand staff where appropriate
  • MIDI Record options do not now affect MIDI file import
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  • Fix matching MIDI import instruments to Notion instruments


  • Enharmonic tool added to palette
  • Single selected notes within a chord can now be enharmonically changed (rather than the whole chord)
  • Vienna Symphonic Library 4/8 Horns and Cor anglais now showing in score setup
  • Custom chord symbols, some express entry articulations, and Unicode now showing correctly in Windows
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  • Show as common or cut time now unchecked by default
  • Part name can now be edited
  • Import MIDI file brings in key changes
  • Instrument transposition in E now selectable on Windows
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  • Celesta now sounding at correct octave
  • Can now see multimeasure rests in the part, when the score only has one instrument
  • Multimeasure rests now right justify with other systems on a page
  • Multimeasure rest bug fixed, where in some instances they would run off the system
  • Multimeasure rests do not now include pick up and partial measures
  • Multimeasure rests now show correct number of rests when immediately following a start repeat line
  • Multimeasure rests font for the number now resized and sits above staff
  • Width of final measure now as expected
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  • Changing a note to a rest now does not delete later ties in measure or shift attachments (ties, fermatas, dynamics) later in the measure
  • Fixed issues where attachments could get improperly shifted when inserting tuplets or changing a note to a rest of a different duration
  • Don’t allow ties between notes that are the same letter but different pitches (e.g., E and Eb)
  • Don’t allow ties to cancelling accidentals (e.g., in adjacent chords)
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  • Notion now recognizes type-in chords that just have the chord number, for example, C6 rather than Cmaj6


  • ReWire now responds to resting cursor position from host
  • Receives stopped position from ReWire slave
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  • Better error messages from ReWire
  • Sequencer staff shortcut fixes to increase/decrease velocity
  • Multiple sequencer staff items can now be increased/decreased together
  • Notes now easier to select in sequencer staff
  • Final note in a measure in sequencer overlay can now be edited
  • If hiding resting staves, do not hide staves that contain CC data
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  • Score setup instruments now scrollable when window height is smaller
  • Auto-scroll in continuous view now happens much later
  • Change Instrument shortcut fixed and correctly showing as Ctrl+I
  • Setup/Delete/Hide buttons now showing on the page in Score Setup
  • Ctrl+; now opens/closes palette as expected on Windows
  • Change Use Instrument menu item to Change Instrument to match the dialog title and add Shift+I keyboard shortcut to the menu item
  • Echo MIDI preferences now in same order on Mac and Windows
  • In the Change Instrument dialog, fix options not being selected when highlighted (Mac)
  • Augmentation dot now works in the keypad with the Sibelius and Finale settings


  • Notes are no longer doubled when input with a Microsoft Surface stylus
  • If Windows screen has a pen, use touch for just pan and zoom gestures
  • Mac OS X crash reporter now updated
  • Mac OS X update mechanism fixed
  • Sounds update mechanism update

XML Import Fixes

  • Checks voices before combining notes into a chord
  • Braces/brackets/barlines now importing correctly (to the extent that Notion supports them)
  • Correctly assigns voices to left hand of grand staff
  • Assigns attachments to the correct voice in left hand of grand staff
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  • Bass vocal now not being imported as double bass
  • Stem direction or absence of stem is retained
  • Scores that have measure numbers reset midscore are now displayed correctly
  • Measure repeat symbol retained in XML

XML Export Fixes

  • Beaming information
  • Exports “maj” in a major 7th chord
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  • First and second endings
  • Exports chords with more than just root of chord symbol
  • Corrected “kind” values for chord export
  • Exports rhythm slashes
  • Exports chord diagrams
  • 轻蜂加速器使用方法
  • Cross-staff beaming now retained

Hear your music played by world-class musicians.

Notion gives you by far the best playback of any notation product out of the box, including the unmatched realism of orchestral and Steinway samples recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, guitar samples performed by Neil Zaza, bass samples by Victor Wooten, and drum samples by Roy “Futureman” Wooten. All were painstakingly recorded by top engineers using the best equipment. You get a wide array of dynamics, articulations, and performance techniques. New instruments in version 6 include the Notion Harpsichord along with the Lakeside Pipe Organ and Olympus Micro Choir sounds from our friends at Soundiron. But that’s just the beginning of Notion’s playback features.

Learn more about Notion’s world-class playback.

The best sounds. The best playback features.

Although Notion comes with a generous sound library, you are by no means limited to the included sounds. Buy high-quality, yet inexpensive new Notion Add-on instrument packs from the ever-growing library at the PreSonus Marketplace. Use your favorite VST instruments and libraries, too; they work great with Notion.

Notion ships with several rules templates for other orchestral VST libraries, so when you load an instrument for Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition, you can quickly and easily write dynamics, effects, and instrumental techniques into the score without ever having to see the VSL interface or programming key switches. To make your own rules, use the Notion Rules Editor: Simply click and select from drop-down menus to create custom rules for any VST library, without having to edit XML files. Mix sounds from libraries and experiment with combinations without concern about syntax errors.

Before you know it, Notion will become your default playback software of choice!


Create a score in Notion for Mac or Windows PC; then continue to work on it on your Windows tablet or iPad. Or capture inspiration on the fly with your iPhone and transfer to your computer for in-depth editing. No other notation software can do this. With Notion and Notion for iOS you can seamlessly create, send, and open scores between Mac, Windows, and iOS devices and continue to work on your score, anywhere, anytime! No matter which platform you use, you get the high-quality playback sounds for which Notion is famous. Plus Notion 6 is a native 64-bit application on all platforms, so you get fast, efficient, and stable performance too.


Enter notes with ease using Notion 6’s interactive fretboard, keyboard, and drum pad. It’s the fastest and most convenient way to capture pitches, drum parts, and guitar fingerings. You can even customize the number of guitar strings on the fretboard and the order of entry for each voice for the drum pad. Lyrics can be entered in directly or pasted from any digital source. Want to get your hands on your score? Notion 6’s new Powered by MyScript™ handwriting-recognition feature for Mac, Windows, and iOS lets you write directly into the score, automatically converting your input into digital notation.

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Learn more about Notion’s handwriting entry features.

Notion 6’s new Powered by MyScript handwriting recognition feature for Mac, Windows, and iOS lets you write in notes, rests, accidentals, time signatures, and more, automatically converting your input into digital notation. You don’t have to learn custom gestures or specialized software features, nor must you “teach” the software to recognize your writing; simply write music the way you normally do with a paper score.

You can toggle handwriting on and off to write directly into the score area. If you have a large score and don’t want to keep zooming in and out, simply open the optional handwriting window. Use MIDI and step-time entry in the main window and handwriting in the optional window for the best of all worlds.

If you don’t have a touchscreen, use a Lightning cable to connect an iOS device to your Mac or Windows computer and use the iOS device as a graphics tablet, enabled by Duet Display software. Or go with a real graphics tablet, such as a Wacom Intuos® or equivalent. In the classroom, use an interactive whiteboard to draw symbols that quickly convert to digital notation.

Capture MIDI parts and edit them with your score.

Recording MIDI performances and editing MIDI data is easy in Notion. Viewing MIDI and standard notation together makes the experience unique and intuitive. Choose keyboard, guitar, or drum entry, and dial in exactly how Notion will follow your playing. Enter in real time or in step time, then view your MIDI performance data in Notion’s Sequencer Staff.

Better yet, use the Sequencer Overlay, which allows you to see notation and MIDI performance data on the same staff. Using drag-and-drop, edit each individual note’s velocity, duration, start point, and end point. For precise values, double-click each note and customize the note’s numeric values directly. Notion combines the power of MIDI sequencing with the clarity of standard notation in a unique and powerful way.

If you compose to picture, Notion 6 is your new best friend.

Film, video, and TV composers have specialized needs that just start with a synchronized video window. Notion’s video window includes a timecode view, and you can add hit points and select the volume, frame rate, and start time. Transport buttons let you control your score from the video window with fine frame control. Unlike other scoring software, Notion can handle all of the most important modern video file formats, including MP4, WMV (Windows only), H.264, MPEG, MOV, AVI, M4V, and 4GP on Mac and Windows. And Notion is the only major scoring program that handles video natively on 64-bit Windows.​

Don’t just play your music: perform it, too.

Notion lets you play back a score following metronome marks, but you can also perform your scores live, continuously controlling tempo and velocity. Jump in and out of repeats, vamp measures, fade in and out, and navigate live from your computer keyboard or a MIDI controller.

To top it off, Notion 6 comes with the Notion Score Library, a collection of public domain scores in the Notion format.

Learn about the Notion Score Library.

The Notion Score Library is a collection of public domain scores in Notion format, and includes orchestral and piano works, such as Handel’s Messiah (complete), Mendelssohn’s Flute Concerto, Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto, Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto, and selections from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro and Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. Here are just a few ways you can use the Notion Score Library:

  • Use in class to teach a set work or orchestration
  • Accompany a choir with the whole of the London Symphony Orchestra
  • An instrumental teacher can accompany a student’s concerto with one finger
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  • Hook up a MIDI keyboard for touch-sensitive dynamics, performed in real time

Powerful Mix Engine by the folks Who Defined Digital Mixing

PreSonus changed live sound with our StudioLive® digital mixers. We turned the production world on its ears with our Studio One digital audio workstation. While you might not expect advanced mixing capabilities to appear in ordinary notation software, Notion 6 is far from ordinary.

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Deliver professional scores and polished performances.

While many Notion layout and notation choices are made automatically so you can focus on creating music, sometimes you need to fine-tune your score’s appearance for easy reading and a professional look. Notion 6 provides new layout handles that let you drag notes, measure lines, time signatures, and more, while avoiding accidental respacing. Show and hide parts independently by system and show/hide resting staves for minimal wasted space and maximum readability. Even drag entire systems up and down on the page to adjust the spacing; when you let go, Notion rejustifies the layout.

When it’s time to deliver, Notion has you covered. Print stunning scores and export PDFs. Export standard MIDI files or MusicXML files for collaborating with people using other notation applications. And deliver fully mixed WAV files or MP3s of your entire performance or individual parts.

Serious studio integration.

While Notion exceeds all other notation software with its mix capabilities, you can take compositions to the next level by connecting Notion to a leading DAW through superior realtime audio/MIDI streaming over ReWire. Or create a music production powerhouse by pairing Notion 6 with Studio One 3 (or newer), where you can now send audio, note, track, VST and score data directly between the applications. The workflow between Notion 6 and Studio One is unprecedented, as both applications can run side by side on the same computer or on any computers on the same network.

Learn more about Notion’s compatibility.

轻蜂加速器有人用吗?如何评价_威智网 - Wper:2021-4-17 · 轻蜂加速器只有16.4M,占的内存很小。软件图标是可爱的小蜜蜂图案,看上去非常讨喜,蓝色和白色为主体色,整体界面简洁清爽,设计感很强,在使用时,轻蜂界面内未小广告之类的弹窗,看着很舒服。 二、操作简单 轻蜂加速器运行很快,仅需点击一个按钮就可后台运行

Better yet, Notion 6 can look for instances of Studio One anywhere on your network, automatically open a new project, and send the audio files or note data, track data, and score data straight to the DAW, retaining instrument name, score order, pan and gain settings, rehearsal marks, initial time signature, and metronome marks.

Want to transcribe in Notion and have a reference track? Or perhaps you’d like to add audio effects for triggering during a Notion live performance. With Notion 6, you can send audio from Studio One to any instance of Notion on your network or on the same machine, setting up a new score and attaching the audio to it.

Notion supports audio and MIDI over ReWire as a host and slave in 64-bit or 32-bit mode. During playback, with Notion as the host, you have full access to Notion’s playback and performance features using the computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard. As the stereo stream from the slave application arrives at Bus A in the mixer, you can alter gain, panning, effects, and so on, just like any other instrument. Send multiple MIDI tracks and buses from Notion to any ReWire-equipped application and drive your instruments directly from notation, including articulations.

When Notion is acting as the slave application it follows the commands of a host application. Notion can send up to 32 streams to the host application, start and stop playback, and audition new notes. In fact, you may even forget that Notion is in slave mode until the host begins a playback operation.


By now, you should have the notion that PreSonus Notion 6 is a fast, modern, efficient, easy-to-use, great-sounding notation program. Buy it today from a nearby PreSonus dealer or visit shop.presonus.com to get your copy. Notion is available in U.S. and British English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, simplified Chinese, Korean, and Latin American Spanish.

For users or educational institutions looking for multiple activations, Notion is available in both per seat and unlimited site licensing options. Contact a PreSonus Education Dealer for more information and pricing.

Notion is also available as part of PreSonus Sphere, a global community of creative enthusiasts and respected professionals—all brought together by and for the love of music. PreSonus Sphere membership benefits include licenses for the complete collection of PreSonus’ award-winning software solutions for recording, mixing, scoring, and producing, including Notion and 轻蜂加速器破解版, plus every Notion Add-on, and over 100 libraries of inspiring samples, effects, and loops. In addition to these creative tools, PreSonus Sphere members are also given Cloud collaboration tools and 30GB storage, access to exclusive promotions, training, and events, with much more being added continuously—all for a low monthly or annual membership.

Your creative expression has no boundaries—and neither does PreSonus Sphere. Join today.

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